The Visual Arts Imaging Research Center (IRC) Fellows Program is a unique fellowship designed to recognize, reward and encourage students who have displayed exceptional artistic talent and skill in computer technology during their first two years as undergraduate art majors.

IRC Statement

Talented students deserve the best that the University can offer. They need to be challenged and mentored to achieve the high standards that they expect from themselves. I am delighted to be a part of the IRC Fellows Program and its design to give talented art students the resources to research the constantly evolving territory of art and technology.

The Imaging Research Center has garnered a national reputation for involving students in high profile imaging research and production. Students interning in the IRC enthusiastically respond to the demands of real-world professional projects. The IRC Fellows program will continue this tradition by fostering a community where students can work closely with faculty, have access to the latest technologies and methodologies, and learn to work collaboratively.

It's a pivotal time to be working in the arts. Success will come to those individuals with an inquisitive mind and the expectation that research is a life-long experience. IRC Fellows have the opportunity to work in a research environment similar to graduate school or a professional setting. They are given the means to produce a work at the highest level.

Dan Bailey
Director of the Imaging Research Center

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Visual Arts Statement

The Department of Visual Arts and the Imaging Research Center designed the IRC Fellows Program to be a premiere educational opportunity for third and fourth year undergraduate students with exceptional talent and promise in the digital arts. Fellows receive high level instruction, pursue personal projects and experience a close working relationship with faculty and visiting artists in an experimental laboratory setting.

The educational collaboration between Visual Arts and the IRC is viewed as a meaningful way of providing advanced students with a competitive opportunity to excel. The IRC Fellows Program seeks to provide students with key experiences that enable personal creative paths in the fields of digital art, animation, and interactivity.

Vin Grabill
Chair, Department of Visual Arts

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