IRC/CAHSS Summer Faculty Research Fellowship

The Office of the Vice President for Research, the College of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences (CAHSS) Dean’s Office, and the Imaging Research Center (IRC) are pleased to announce an opportunity for tenured and tenure-track faculty members in CAHSS the time and funding to collaborate with the IRC on new research. The Fellowship can be used to advance your current or begin an entirely new project. It can be used to explore new modes and venues of dissemination and publication. The IRC is not a service for creating things already available at UMBC from Creative Services, New Media Studio, Common Vision, or from private companies such as simple websites, videos or apps. The IRC is a research lab developing new digital media technologies and practices to achieve something not currently being done, or which should be improved upon in a significant way.

NEW THIS YEAR: If you are considering applying for this fellowship, make an appointment to speak with IRC Associate Director, History Professor Anne Rubin, as soon as possible. She will answer any questions you have to help you decide if it is a good fit for your research idea, and help you decide on an approach for your application. This is in lieu of the past process, where a collective CAHSS workshop was held in which all center directors made short presentations to interested faculty and questions were answered there. Our hope is that this will be more personal and indivudualized.

Expectations of the Fellowship are that it will lead to faculty members enhancing their research, research methods, and/or representing their research in ways and venues currently unavailable to them. Successful applications will describe projects that are promising for seeking significant external funding, and publishing and/or other opportunities to bring visibility to the work, to the IRC, and to UMBC.

Although this is called a Summer Fellowship, work can, and usually will, continue for a total of 18 months, with the possibility of a 6 month, no-cost extension.

We encourage (but do not require) prospective applicants to make an appointment with Anne Sarah Rubin, Associate Director of the IRC, to discuss their proposal ahead of time.

The Award:

This year’s award will be $16,000 total: $6,000 for a faculty stipend, and $10,000 to directly support the research project in the IRC in the form of staff support, undergraduate or graduate student support, additional equipment or supplies, travel, and other appropriate expenses.


Applications will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Quality of proposed project and significance in its field
  • Feasibility and clear match of proposed research to the IRC’s expertise, facilities, budget, and summary timing schedule
  • Likelihood of enhancing chances for publication or new venues for dissemination, or of attracting external support
  • Qualifications of the faculty member to develop the proposal/ research project and carry out the work and oversight

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Preparation and Review

Through this application process, IRC Associate Director Anne Rubin works similarly to a Program Director for a Federal Agency grant. She should be contacted to answer questions, help create strong matches between research projects and the IRC’s specific expertise, and advise on budget preparation. Anne sits in with the review committee to answer questions, but does not vote on the actual awards. These pre-proposal meetings with the IRC are important and Anne will make every effort to be available. Please contact her early and often!

Past review committee members have included: Bev Bickel (Language Literacy and Culture), Lisa Moren (Visual Arts), John Sturgeon (Visual Arts and Lipitz Professor), Jason Loviglio (Chair, Media Communication Studies), Nicole King (Chair, American Studies), Kathy O’Dell (Former Associate Dean and Visual Arts), Linda Baker (Psychology and Former Research Council). This year’s review committee will be a different mix of faculty from across CAHSS.


Anne Rubin: 5-1661,