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Scan Your Stuff

Scan Your Stuff
ITE 109
April 7, 12:00pm - 4:00pm
April 8, 10:00am - ...more

Light City

Here at the IRC, we like it when stuff lights up, and we like things that help Baltimore. So here’s a story about something that does both. Some years ago I attended a great cocktail party put on ...more

Digital Humanities and the IRC

What are the so-called "Digital Humanities"? It's difficult to find a single short answer—in fact, one can't even find consensus on whether the phrase is singular or plural. Are the Digital ...more

It's Alive!

The IRC has been working to resurrect a legendary creature that we have come to call "The Rack." The Rack is a relic from a bygone age when audio and video was recorded onto smallish rectangular ...more

The IRC Welcomes a New Associate Director, Anne Sarah Rubin

Why would a professor of history become the Associate Director of a digital media center? In Anne Sarah Rubin's case, she is bringing the experience she has gained collaborating with the IRC in the ...more