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Digital Humanities and the IRC

What are the so-called "Digital Humanities"? It's difficult to find a single short answer—in fact, one can't even find consensus on whether the phrase is singular or plural. Are the Digital ...more

It's Alive!

The IRC has been working to resurrect a legendary creature that we have come to call "The Rack." The Rack is a relic from a bygone age when audio and video was recorded onto smallish rectangular ...more

The IRC Welcomes a New Associate Director, Anne Sarah Rubin

Why would a professor of history become the Associate Director of a digital media center? In Anne Sarah Rubin's case, she is bringing the experience she has gained collaborating with the IRC in the ...more

Turning Thoughts into Things

Lots of people draw bubble diagrams when they're trying to pull their thoughts together. Crime shows feature what TV writers call “crazy walls” plastered with photos, notes, scribbles, and ...more

Celebrating Dan Bailey's Tenure at the IRC

For this first post of our newly designed website, we thought it would be fitting to recount a very significant event that happened at the start of this fall semester. On September 1st people came ...more