Lee Boot - Director, Research Associate Professor

Lee Boot is an experimental media artist working to develop new and effective ways to use digital media to spread knowledge for prosocial outcomes. As the initiator and Principal Investigator of numerous research projects funded by the National Institutes of Health and private foundations, he has assembled widely interdisciplinary teams from the sciences, arts and humanities to explore the potential of an artist’s perspective to address vexing social issues.

Recent projects include Euphoria—an award-winning feature-film about the neuroscience and cultural background of happiness in the US; Fieldtrip—an online film blog by and for teenagers thinking through their education issues; SpeakHealth—an online community designed to create cultural discourse around alternative views of health and medicine; and most recently, SeeIntuit—an portable interactive kiosk where visitors learn about and experience their brain and mind as it seeks intuitive insight.

Previously, Lee Boot’s video and interactive digital works have been broadcast and exhibited nationally and internationally at venues including the Johannesburg Biennial in South Africa and London’s Serpentine Gallery. He has created original work for the Goethe Institute and the Contemporary Museum in Baltimore. During a sixteen-year career as a schoolteacher he earned a Distinguished Teacher Award from the White House Commission on Presidential Scholars. In 1998 Boot and founded InfoCulture, a research and development studio for prosocial art and media.