NASA Earth Science Animation

Since 2008 the IRC has partnered with NASA/Goddard to create earth science animations and visualizations that explain the important information that NASA missions are discovering. This partnership funds IRC media specialists to oversee the production and creation of animations and to involve UMBC undergraduate students in the process. The partnership is run through UMBC/GEST’s cooperative agreement with NASA/Goddard. Since its inception three years ago, the program has grown to a well-defined program with two media specialists, Megan Willy and Ivy Flores, on continuing contracts. All of these positions are being filled by recent UMBC graduates from the Visual Arts Department and the IRC Fellows Program, giving them an important post-baccalaureate experience. Equally important, IRC interns are working closely on the projects and are developing contacts at NASA TV and the Goddard Space Flight Center.

Most notably, the IRC produced animations for Earth Science Week and Science for the Hungry World, as well as conceptual animations and sequences to be used in NASA's Science on a Sphere projection system.

More information on each of these efforts is available on the IRC Blog or by following the links.

Production Notes

Animation Directors: Ivy Flores, Megan Willy
Client: NASA TV and Goddard Space Flight Center
UMBC Interns: Michael Bailey, Max Hathaway, Ofer Zmora