Ohr am Wattenmeer (Ear to the Wadden Sea)

Wattenmeer Website

Ohr am Wattenmeer is an interdisciplinary art, science and technology project created by Visual Arts Professor Steve Bradley. This site-specific artwork consisted of an underwater microphone and interactive webcam attached to a platform shared with a number of scientists from the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg. The site is on the Wadden Sea and located off the coast of North Germany. It runs 24/7, beginning May 7, 2009, and ending in July 2009. Netcasts and time-lapsed compositions may be accessed through It will provide both real time and cumulative data regarding ecological changes between the Jones Falls Watershed and the Baltimore Inner Harbor water systems. A buoy equipped with solar and wind power navigational devices sensors will provide a 'voice' for the delicate ecosystem that is normally overlooked by the public. Through the assistance of the IRC, Professor Bradley has been able to work through various designs and visualizations of this project. Ohr am Wattenmeer is the first of many permutations planned for this type of webcast.