Visualizing Multi-Dimensional Data

Over the past several months, the Imaging Research Center has increasingly focused its efforts on the problems and promises of data visualization, broadly defined. In particular, we are interested ... more

Dining at the Virtual Buffet

What do you get when you bring together a team of researchers from Psychology, Computer Science, Information Systems, and Visual Media Arts? The Imaging Research Center has long prided itself on ... more

Ecomimesis on Display

The IRC is delighted to announce that former faculty fellow, Lynn Cazabon, is showing her new virtual reality project Ecomimesis in the exhibition more

EnCue by Octava

IRC projects emerge and progress along a variety of pathways. Some are generated in-house by the IRC staff. Others grow from collaborations with faculty, who come to us with ideas and funding, or ... more

Experiencing Collaboration

There is increasing chatter about collaboration all around and among us at the university. To collaborate is becoming an aspiration. So many of us want to reach out and work together, preferably on ... more

Faculty Fellows Work: Shabamanetica

One of the most popular installations at the 2017 Baltimore Light City Festival was Eric Dyer’s Shabamanetica, two spinning sculptures that resembled massive ship’s wheels. As the wheels ... more

Faculty Fellows Work: Plantelligence

Within a city like Baltimore, the landscape is generally considered the ‘background’ for human activity – a largely undifferentiated expanse of green, without much thought about the actual ... more

Pinhole Photogrammetry

Have you ever used a pinhole camera before? Maybe you made one to look at a solar eclipse, or as a summer camp project, or in art class. The pinhole camera, or camera obscura is one of the oldest ... more

Scan Your Stuff Wrapup

On April 7-8, the IRC held its inaugural Scan Your Stuff event, where we invited members of the UMBC community to bring in objects to be scanned using our ... more

Observational Virtual Reality

Imagine that your good friend has recently purchased a Virtual Reality (VR) headset and invited you over to their place to experience it. "Come on over," they said; "it'll be fun" they said. You ... more

Scan Your Stuff

Scan Your Stuff
ITE 109
April 7, 12:00pm - 4:00pm
April 8, 10:00am - ... more

Light City

Here at the IRC, we like it when stuff lights up, and we like things that help Baltimore. So here’s a story about something that does both. Some years ago I attended a great cocktail party put on ... more